"George Harrison with some of the happy Radha Krishna Temple members. The Radna Krishna chant comes into George's No. 1 single. As if that isn't enough George has equalled his American feat of topping both single and album charts at the same time, because his "All Things Must Pass" LP has jumped from No. 5 to the top this week."

"Is the switch on? Unfortunately, it was when Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers opened a show for Patti Smith in Miami during a raging thunderstorm. As Tom stepped forward to sing "I Need To Know" there was a power surge into the mike which sent thousands of volts through him. After staggering and running offstage for a half hour of recuperation, the band came back and finished a truly electrifying set."

"We doubt that it's quite the reaction he had in mind, but when Bob Seger launched into the line "She had points of her own, way up high" during "Night Moves", eight ladies in the front row of his Columbus, Ohio show visually interpreted the lyrics for Seger by baring their bazooms."